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Our Capabilities

We have unmatched expertise, combining three key areas, for the implementation of solutions in line with widely-recognized "best practices".

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

  • Sales prospecting, negotiation, and closing
  • Market planning and targeting
  • Sales and customer support systems

Systems Design and Implementation

  • Internet design and marketing
  • Database and systems design
  • System implementation and integration

International Human Resources

  • Assignment policy design and compensation & benefits administration
  • International relocation policies, support, and systems

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Past Projects

Completed projects include

  • Developed European sales & marketing plan for large relocation data provider
  • Established leading international relocation portal
  • Achieved top search ranking for hundreds of search terms
  • Implemented online moving planner, discussion boards and other interactive systems
  • Industry consultation and negotiation

2002-2007 Delta Trend bvba (Belgium)